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spa hiking resort  breiten Aletcharena near Brig

Breiten - the sea in the alps

2900 feet • Aletsch • Valais • Switzerland

spa hiking resort  breiten Aletcharena near Brig
BREITEN is a bath-resort in which the magic of the South and the romanticism of the upper Valais form a unique contrast. Situated on a sunny terrace, facing south, above the valley of the young Rhone, it is only a few minutes by car from the historical and cultural town of Brig, and half an hour by train from the small, typically Italian town of Domodossola.
Chestnuts, peaches and apricots grow in BREITEN, where in olden times the Highest grapes of the Rhone-valley were being made into wine. Connoisseurs estimate the overwhelming Aletsch region, with Breiten in its center, as being one of the most beautiful and interesting walking regions in the European Alps. The Aletsch-glacier ist the longest and most imposing glacier of Europe, and the Aletsch-forest, a National Park, is a real paradise for animal- and plant-lovers.
spa hiking resort  breiten Aletcharena near Brig
BREITEN itself is a modern Bath-resort, which sets great store by keeping its rural and deeply rooted Alpine character intact. Through centralized and intelligent planning, its intimate atmosphere, its peace and quiet, and its verdant aspect will be kept alive forever.
Top quality cuisine belongs also to the holiday experience on the sun terrace of Breiten. Maria and Albert Jossen serve you in the restaurant TAVERNE wonderful menus with products from our region.

Spa, hiking and wellness resort Breiten, CH - 3983 Breiten ob Mörel, Tel +41 (0)27 928 60 10, Fax +41 (0)27 928 42 41, 

The Swiss bath-, wellness- and hiking resort BREITEN, in the center of the world heritage Schweizer Alpen, Jungfrau-Aletsch, 8km entfernt von Brig am Eingang zum Goms gelegen, bildet mit den DMO's von Brig, Naters-Belalp, Riederalp Mörel, Bettmeralp and Fiesch die ALETSCH ARENA
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